Video of Center for Complexity & Collective Computation lectures and interviews with C4 scientists and collaborators.

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*The Giulio Tononi lecture on consciousness was not videotaped.

David Krakauer
Co-Director, Center for Complexity and Collective Computation
An accessible introduction to C4 science
Jessica Flack
Co-Director, Center for Complexity and Collective Computation
C4's science mission
Energy & Information in 21st Century Biology, October 1, 2012
Geoffrey West, Distinguished Professor, Santa Fe Institute; David Krakauer, Director, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery & Co-Director, C4; Steve Paulson, WPR; Jessica Flack Co-Director, C4.
Click on video to the right for the West lecture. Click here for the Krakauer lecture.

Programming the Internet, October 17, 2012, Graham Spencer, Google Ventures

From Democratic Consensus to Cannibalistic Hoards: The Principles of Collective Behavior, November 14, 2012, Iain Couzin, Princeton University

A Turing Test for Free Will, December 12, 2012, Seth Lloyd, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT & SFI

There is No Such Thing as Public Opinion: The Mathematics of Elections, Consensus, and Slime Molds, January 23, 2013, Jordan Ellenberg, University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Origin of Life, March 20, 2013,
Paul Davies, Beyond Center,
The Ecology of Society, September 11, 2013, Simon Levin, Princeton University
Choosing the Next Experiment: Collective Cognition and the Selection of Scientific Ideas, October 9, 2013, James Evans, Sociology, University of Chicago

Demonology: The Mysterious Role of Intelligence in Physics and Biology, November 6, 2013, Jim Crutchfield, Physics, UC Davis & SFI

The Science of Pandemics, December 4, 2013, Lauren Ancel Meyers, Integrative Biology, UT Austin

The Life and Death of a Drop, January 22, 2014, Sydney Nagel, Physics Department, University of Chicago
Transforming Healthcare Through Physics, February 11, 2014, Luis Amaral, Biological & Chemical Engineering, Physics Department, and NICO, Northwestern University
Toy Models
Tadashi Tokieda, Director of Mathematics
& Fellow Librarian, Renaissance Library, Cambridge University