The Center for Complexity and Collective Computation is an intellectual and pluralistic research environment, bounded by rigour and disciplined thinking. The science of C4 is produced during synergistic collaboration. It is quantitative, empirical, and creative.

C4 is not part of a department. Rather our research projects are transdisciplinary, bridging biology, physics, computer science, mathematics, and the social sciences in the search for general principles that explain the incredible complexity and organization of the natural world, and, in doing so, deepen human understanding.

We believe C4 is a great environment in which to train students from UW Madison and elsewhere to be the next generation of innovative scientists.

There are many ways to contribute.

  • You can support undergraduate participation in C4 research by providing funds for stipends, housing, and travel to scientific meetings

  • You can an underwrite C4's annual budget, supporting our core mission for a year or more.

If you would like to support C4, its research, its scientists, or its students, please contact Jessica Flack at jcflack@wisc.edu to discuss a possible gift, or make a donation now by check. Annual giving is a critical source of funding for C4, as it ensures that C4 scientists can be forward-looking and transdisciplinary.

C4, as part of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID), is a non-profit private research institute. Donations to C4 through WID are tax-deductible. 

Please make checks payable to: WISCONSIN INSTITUTE FOR DISCOVERY


Center for Complexity and Collective Computation
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