The Center for Complexity & Collective Computation
is moving to the Santa Fe Institute where it will become the Collective Computation Group

We are still C4 of course!

Jessica Flack is re-joining SFI's resident faculty.

David Krakauer will become SFI's president.

Info about other C4 folks will be posted soon via the SFI website.

At SFI we of C4 will be building a new kind of academic organism--a distributed, intellectual shape shifter. The antithesis to the university department. At its core will be a network of creative, simultaneously rigorous and playful, empirical, pluralistic, pattern-detecting, synthetic minds working on collective computation, distributed cognition, collective behavior, coarse-graining and compression in nature, and unconventional intelligence and inference. This shape shifter will be fluid and adaptive, abandoning topics that become mainstream, and always pushing deeper into the wilderness of ideas.

The shape shifter will aim to be comprehensible but will not shy away from ideas that are not immediately digestible and accessible. To engage with it you must be willing to invest time and thought--it offers no 30 second summaries or three minute elevator pitches--we think if you bring an open mind and some energy you will not be disappointed! Check us out at the Santa Fe Institute over the course of 2015 for updates. Ha ha!

The new C4 website will be up at SFI soon. Please check the SFI webpage for updates.